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Welcome to the My Perfect America community

Join us as we craft a lasting vision of which we can all be proud.

Please go to our REGISTER page to become a part of the community. Of course, you do not need to be a member to post. Just POST a part of your vision here... as many ties as you want.  


  • I'm figuring this stuff out as I go along.
    05/22/2012 06:56
  • Perfect Roads
    05/20/2012 22:35
  • ... and with this tweet, MyPerfectAmerica is alive!
    05/19/2012 06:57

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About This Site

My Perfect America is an attempt to use the power of social, digital media to create a vision. Of course, nothing is ever “perfect.” But there must be an America of which more of us are proud to call home. There must be a vision for America that will inspire a lot more than just half of us as any one time. My Perfect America.com hopes to be a tool we can all use to craft that vision.

How to use this site?

Post a brief snapshot of life in your perfect America. Comment on other people’s posts. Start a conversation, be part of a conversation. Become a member and join the community. Please check out the ABOUT page for more details.
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