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My Perfect America. What is it? We all spend a great deal of time and energy railing against the long and growing list of things that we believe makes our nation imperfect. So what is it we want? What would it take for us to finally put down the protest signs and say, yeah! We did it! We got the Perfect America! One, of which we can all be proud. I have been thinking about this for quite a while now. I can list everything it wouldn’t be, everything it wouldn’t have. The vision cannot come from one person but must be shared by us all. So let’s create it together. Brevity is the soul of wit, right? So, in a couple paragraphs and 1 image, submit a snapshot of life in your perfect America. Write about anything that is important to you. What does the family look like in your perfect America? What about school? What do we wear, eat and drive? Do we work? If so, for whom? Do we pursue our dreams… what do we dream about? This is not necessarily a political conversation, it is really a “life we want to live” conversation, however, it certainly has political implications. I only ask that you not be profane or obscene and that you focus your posts on a positive description of what you want America to be, not what you want America to not be.

Thank you and I look forward to the conversations you will start with your posts!

– Seniah


January 2020
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About This Site

My Perfect America is an attempt to use the power of social, digital media to create a vision. Of course, nothing is ever “perfect.” But there must be an America of which more of us are proud to call home. There must be a vision for America that will inspire a lot more than just half of us as any one time. My Perfect America.com hopes to be a tool we can all use to craft that vision.

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Post a brief snapshot of life in your perfect America. Comment on other people’s posts. Start a conversation, be part of a conversation. Become a member and join the community. Please check out the ABOUT page for more details.
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